The Official Trailer For Wong Kar Wai's ASHES OF TIME REDUX Arrives!

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It is one of the most polarizing films in the career of Hong Kong auteur Wong Kar Wai, and one of the most sought after thanks to the lack of a presentable DVD release anywhere in the world up until very recently. And so news that the notoriously revisionist director was returning to his sole martial arts picture, Ashes of Time, to re-edit and shape it into the form he says was his original intention was generally met with excitement and anticipation. With the film now rolling out on the festival circuit - it's coming here to Toronto as part of the Toronto International Film Festival in September - those who were hoping for something more linear than the original cut are generally leaving disappointed while others are leaving enthused by the chance to finally see a master's work properly presented. Regardless of which camp you're in you'll still most likely be rather pleased to check out the official trailer, which has finally appeared on the scene. The international sales promo for this leaked a while back in low quality but this trailer is much higher resolution and much more focused and to the point. You can check it out below the break.

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