NIFFF 2008 - More with Xavier Gens

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NIFFF 2008 - More with Xavier Gens

From the recent NIFFF 2008, I have already posted clips of Xavier Gens talking Vanikoro, La Horde, Snow, Vinyan, Martyrs and more. In this latest edition we cover a wide range of topics including a very funny bit with Xavier pondering making a romantic comedy, er um, why he might not ever be greenlit to make one. It really is amazing to see how passionate and vivid he talks about his TIFF Midnight Madness experience last year with Frontière(s); he definitely seems quite genuinely moved by his experience there.

In this interview we talk about:

* TIFF Midnight Madness Experience with Frontière(s)
* On Lady Blood & Helping Upcoming French Filmmakers
* His Secret Project with a Director from Spain
* Being on the Jury at NIFFF 2008
* Latest on Karina Testa - Yasmie from Frontière(s)
* Joking on Making a Romantic Comedy

Video interview after the link bump.


Lady Blood screens on July 18th at Fantasia this year.

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