This Man Is Happy Because His Film Has A Cast. Details On Bong Joon-Ho's MOTHER ...

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Bong Joon-Ho is a busy, busy man. Since wrapping up his huge international hit The Host he's done his bit for the three part anthology Tokyo, he's prepping his big budget graphic novel adaptation Snow Train with Park Chan-Wook on board to produce, and he's rapidly gearing up his next feature, Mother. What's it about? It's about an antisocial outcast framed for murder because, frankly, he's the sort of guy only a mother could love. And his mother does love him and so, in the face of indifference and hostility the older woman sets out to find the real killer and prover her child's innocence. In Bong's hands this should be pure gold.

And now we have both mother and son. According to Variety Asia Bong has cast veteran actress Kim Hye-Ja as the mother and Won Bin - in his first major role since breaking out in Taegukgi - as the son. Very nice choices, both.

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