Von Trier Confirms ANTICHRIST is His Next

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Todd has been keeping us updated on Lars Von Trier's horror project entitled Antichrist; most recently he found evidence that the film had been "added to the website of international sales outfit Trust Film." Now the British paper Telegraph has published an interview with Von Trier in which the director confirms that "his next feature is Antichrist," described as a "psychological thriller that evolves into a horror film."

The paper says that it features "one man and one woman, yet to be cast, will be shot in Germany and in English this summer and deals with the favourite Von Trier topic of cruelty between the sexes." The film's producer, Meta Louise Foldager, is quoted as saying "mischievously": "You have to guess who is the Antichrist." The paper also says that Von Trier "is testing ways of manipulating the image in it."

I'm already rubbing my hands in anticipation of how Von Trier is going to try and play with my head ...

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