A Little Bit PATLABOR And A Little Bit ROBOCOP, Here Comes MORAV

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A Little Bit PATLABOR And A Little Bit ROBOCOP, Here Comes MORAV

Okay, it's too early to say for sure how this is going to turn out but regular reader Avery just passed along details on upcoming giant robot sci-fi story MORAV and if this leaves up to it's potential ... zowie. Seriously, just showing some of the production images to my boy was enough to get him giggling like a little girl. And this kid's seen enough that he's getting hard to impress.

While MORAV’s excitement comes from the massive 30-foot tall robots, it is a dark and gritty action-filled military drama seeped in sci-fi overtones. MORAV also captures the political and sociological undercurrents of what are going on today in places like the Middle East as well as capturing the dynamics of the China/Thailand situation. While keeping the sci-fi elements to the story exciting and realistic, MORAV is a non-stop action adventure that will excite for years to come.

A production that values both the inherent cool factor of giant robots duking it out and a serious subtext? If they pull it off it'll be tasty and the rough images and in production tests available on the site make it look like they may just pull it off ...

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Check the official site here.

YaniFebruary 24, 2008 7:17 AM

So this is a US production? I couldn't really find a confirmation for this. Sounds really good and you can imagine how surprised I was to find Grant "MythBusters" Imahara working on the robots when I checked the galleries. Cool. Can't wait to see the first teasers/trailers.