Full Theatrical Trailer For Turkish Horror SEMUM!

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Back in mid-December we posted the first teaser for Semum the new horror film from D@bbe director Hasan Karacadag. Once again Karacadag is drawing on Islamic legend to create a startling religious based horror film and with the release date of Semum rapidly approaching the film's official website has received a major overhaul including an extensive image gallery and a new, much longer theatrical trailer. And the trailer is very impressive. Karacadag has obviously had a better budget to work with here after the success of his debut and he's put it to good use. Cinematography and design work is dead solid and I do believe I detect notes of both Death Note and Constantine in the demon and hell effects. While there still is not an English language synopsis for the film it obviously revolves around the possession and attempted exorcism of a woman.

You'll find both trailers in the ScreenAnarchy Video Player, embedded below the break.

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SwarezJanuary 9, 2008 11:56 PM

Damn, that's some dodgy CGI, reminds me of the Spawn movie more than anything else.