Another One For Nacho?

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Another One For Nacho?

With Nacho Vigalondo's full length debut Time Crimes playing to great success at Sundance and other festivals around the globe and the US remake rights being picked up by United Artists there's already a good amount of speculation about what his next feature project will be. Well, the short answer is that right now it's The Ramp, a love triangle revolving around a man convinced he has developed a mathematical formula to predict exactly where UFO's will appear, but the man's mind just never stops and he seems to spin out good ideas like some people breath. He's kicking around ideas for a zombie project right now, he's got a pair of super hero concepts that make me laugh so hard it hurts, and here comes news of another one that I hope and pray gets made and made soon.

Here's the thing. Along with his more formal and polished short film work - for which he has been Oscar nominated - Vigalondo has also produced a string of ultra low budget shorts, done basically with just himself manning a cheap video camera and a single actor, as a way of quickly capturing ideas. Changing The World began as one of those. The short version is a quick four minutes that plays with the idea of parallel universes, the belief that every decision spawns a new universe, that there are an unlimited number of universes representing every possible decision any individual could make. Vigalondo's twist? His protagonist is able - forced, actually - to communicate telepathically with each of his parallel universe doppelgangers, each of which can hear the thoughts of all of the others - a situation that threatens to drive each of them mad with all the voices swirling around in their heads and leaves them all frozen, afraid to make any further decisions for fear of creating more doubles and more voices. The feature version takes that same basic idea and expands upon it, introducing a romance element to the proceedings. The plan right now is to find funds to shoot it as a low budget, internet only release but I'm thinking this could easily have the legs to go the full theatrical route.

You'll find the full original short embedded in the ScreenAnarchy Player below the break and a larger version of the teaser poster linked below.

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