Johnnie To Gets Romantic With LINGER

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Johnnie To Gets Romantic With LINGER

Hey, a guy can't just shoot stuff all the time, can he?

While he's best known for his high concept action films such as Exiled, prolific Hong Kong director Johnnie To is actually far more diverse than many are aware. While his latest cop thriller Mad Detective is raking in the coin at the Hong Kong box office - opening head to head against 30 Days Of Night it not only won the week but doubled the Hollywood giant's take - he's gearing up to release his new romance, Linger, in January. Here's a synopsis from an early sales flyer:

Busy Life. Empty hearts. Unforgettable lovers.

The reappearance of a lost lover brings back a faint feeling of love. Yet is is so untouchable. Is it real or is it just a piece of memory?

A life in the river of time is irreversible. But we can choose our memory.

It reveals an unbearable truth, while true perfection always comes from bits and pieces of regrets.

The trailer has just arrived online, hit the link below to find it.

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Find the trailer here.
via Kaiju Shakedown, thanks to Mary

sonny gauntDecember 3, 2007 8:53 AM

Great to her of MD's success. I've pretty much enjoyed all of To's films, some more than others, but his romantic comedies are pretty decent. It's refreshing to see him flex his directing muscles outside of the "triad" genre.