Adam Wingard Convinces Me I've Wasted My Life. Trailer And Stills From POP SKULL

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Adam Wingard Convinces Me I've Wasted My Life.  Trailer And Stills From POP SKULL

Normally when I have the urge to feel like I've slept my life away up to this point I like to take a look at the IMDB entry for Anders Thomas Jensen, a great favorite of mine with an impossibly lengthy resume that includes, you know, Oscars. But I think Adam Wingard will do just as well. At just twenty four Wingard is a full decade younger than I am and yet he has multiple films on his resume, his latest winning international acclaim, play in prominent festivals, and a home with one of the top sales outfits in the world. The film is Pop Skull, a psychedelic horror flick that Wingard shot for the impossibly small total of two thousand dollars. Take that, Michael Bay! More shocking than the tiny bottom line is how good this thing looks, the trailer bringing to mind bits of Aronofsky and Tsukamoto to my mind, and in my mind both are enormous compliments.

The lonely, troubled life of Daniel, a young Alabama pill addict, as his efforts to cope with the trials of his day-to-day existence collide with the increasingly malevolent influence of the murderous displaced spirits that inhabit his home and threaten to possess him, body and soul. A shocking and delirious psychedelic horror trip from 24-year-old Adam Wingard.

You'll find the trailer embedded below the break and hit the link below for a quartet of stills.

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Click here for the stills.

CABDecember 10, 2007 11:00 AM

I dig that title sequence.