Hide Your Women and Children! The First Stills From Lordi's DARK FLOORS Have Arrived!

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Yes, boys and girls, it's been a strange journey for Finnish monster-rock outfit Lordi. First the band - Mr Lordi (the demon on the poster), Amen the unstopable mummy, Awa the vampire countess, Ox the hellbull and Kita the alien manbeast - won the Eurovision Song Contest with a little ditty titled Hard Rock Hallelujah, a rather shocking occurence in a contest normally dominated by pop singers, and then it was off to the races. Their profile exploded, shows got bigger and louder, they landed a coveted spot on the Ozzfest tour and - finally - their own film deal, starring in upcoming Finnish horror picture Dark Floors.

Concerned for her autistic daughter’s health, the father sees a removal from the hospital by force as the only option. An elevator break-down prevents a smooth exit and renders them trapped with others. Yet the incident is only the beginning of a descent into nightmare. As the doors open the hospital appears mysteriously deserted. When mutilated bodies are found, creatures from a dark world start a frightening attack. It soon becomes clear that the survival of the group may rest solely on the little girl.

The "creatures from a dark world" are, of course, the band members in their customary performance make up. Not only is this really happening but it's actually being treated really seriously. The band performed on the beach during Cannes, where they were spotted roaming about in their full gear, and there's actually a fair amount of positive buzz building around this. There's no footage available yet but producers Solar Films have just released the first eight productions stills - including one shot of Ox - and they're looking rather good.

Continue on to ogle the pretty pictures!

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crazybeeSeptember 20, 2007 11:11 AM

This looks fantastic!