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A trailer for Geoff Schaaf's Portal was added today (May 9th) to the website of the international sales agent for the movie, IndustryWorks Distribution Inc.. (Note: The trailer for the movie isn't the same as the quasi-trailer for it.) Distribution rights for the movie are to be offered for sale by IndustryWorks Distribution at this year's Marché du Film in Cannes, which runs from May 16th to 26th.

As was previously reported here and there on ScreenAnarchy, the screenplay for Portal was written by Maurice Kelly and George Blumetti. The movie stars Chris Conrad, Alexander Martin, Katherine Hawkes, Brock Kelly, Mary Stein, Angell Conwell, Ines Dali, Kevin Dobson, and Jessica Barth.

Here's a synopsis for Portal from the production: "Soon after finding their way into the shelter of the mysterious, fog-engulfed town of Mercy, Gibbs (Chris Conrad) and Hooke (Alexander Martin) plan to rest up for their next day's journey only to realize, as nights turn to nights, that time is not only on their side... time doesn't exist.

As the men search desperately for a way out, the town slowly reveals its unsettling and dark history through its seemingly endless nights, secret rituals, and events that repeat themselves to the point of insanity. The travellers are lured deeper with each passing moment into this mind play of horrific discoveries that lead to events of their own pasts they never knew they had forgotten."

Those who are interested in Portal may also wish to read the ScreenAnarchy article on Mark L. Smith's Séance.

IndustryWorks Distribution: Portal (w/ trailer)

Portal quasi-trailer (downloadable 11.6 MB MOV file)

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Séance trailer (downloadable 7.2 MB MOV file)

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