DVD: Cary Solomon & Chuck Konzelman's THE INSATIABLE

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ThinkFilm Company Inc. is scheduled to release Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman's The Insatiable on DVD in the U.S. on September 18th; the DVD is available for pre-order from ScreenAnarchy affiliate Amazon.com Inc..

The screenplay for The Insatiable was written by Solomon, Konzelman, and J.R. McGarrity. The movie stars Sean Patrick Flanery, Charlotte Ayanna, Josh Hopkins, Boyd Kestner, Jon Huertas, Brad Rowe, Amanda Noret, and Michael Biehn. Tiya Sircar is also in the movie.

Here's a synopsis for The Insatiable from the production: "Harry Balbo (Sean Patrick Flanery - Powder, TV's Young Indiana Jones), a nerdy and spineless flange salesman, runs smack into a violent killing in an alley. He believes that he has seen the Head Ripper serial killer, except that it's a gorgeous female vampire who can rip the head off a man and leap several stories through a window. The police don't believe him, and neither do his taunting co-workers, Chet and Javier. ¶ Harry becomes obsessed with finding the vampire, and believes that Ronnie (Brad Rowe - Full Frontal), the tattooed convenience store guy, may be sleeping with her. He decides to sneak around Ronnie's apartment, and sees the vampire, Tatiana (Charlotte Ayanna - Training Day). She manages to scratch him, but he gets away. The next day, Ronnie turns up dead. ¶ Harry meets his paraplegic neighbor Strickland (Michael Biehn - Aliens, The Rock), who's a vampire hunter, and they start to plot Tatiana's kill area, in order to locate her lair. Harry must find her, drive a steak through her heart, and cut off her head. ¶ Harry is not big on this, but agrees to try. He finds Tatiana sleeping, and is going to do it, but she awakens and begs for her life. He lets her go. Strickland is furious. ¶ Harry decides to take matters into his own hands, and builds a cage in his basement to trap Tatiana. He lures her back there, and locks her in the cage. He feeds her live rabbits, and tries to give her human blood that he ordered on the Internet; she's not happy. ¶ A meter reader wanders into the basement, and Tatiana kills him. Harry must dispose of the body. The police are starting to pick up the trail. ¶ Javier tells Harry he's going to get fired, so Harry lures him back to the basement with promises of sex with a hot girl. Tatiana kills him, too. Harry hides the body in his apartment. The police have found his prints on the body of the meter reader, and are looking for him. ¶ Harry decides it's time to make a life-and-death choice... and goes down into the basement to face his destiny."

The Insatiable trailer #1 (downloadable 5.7 MB MOV file)
The Insatiable trailer #2 (downloadable 8.1 MB SWF file)
Amazon.com: The Insatiable U.S. DVD

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