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Expelling the demons of all the snippets that have drifted around recently, still trying to weave my way through it all as things seem to still be shifting at the moment.

In the end, the best I can say is that we'll obviously waiting for a DVD of a cinema appearance, but there's also hope that this time around more foreign audiences might get to see an Argento movie on the big screen outside the world of festivals - and an important film at that - and that I'm strangely comfortable with TWC's potential to handle ‘Suspiria' well because they've been vocal about having licensed it rather than doing so on the quiet and slipping out the building. They've also clearly got the financial clout to get it on screens rather than just to DVD, if they choose to do so.

'Mother of Tears‘ is the title then. Replaces ‘La Terza Madre' ('The Third Mother') as the title it seems, though this might not be in all territories, still a little lost on that one. Wrangling is over - seems the films cinema release in Italy will be cut; on all 300 screens. Wrangling was between Argento and Medusa over the extreme content, particularly with a view to International Sales, but also with concern over the domestic market. Yes, point firmly missed. It's certified '16‘ for Italy, later cynical DVD release(s) should be uncut. Opens in late October (the 30th, I think), makes its first full apppearance at the Rome Festival on the 18th. Promo Footage was at Cannes; reaction suggests return to form? Seems so. Promo pictures made it online, some have been seen before, some are clearly new, they're just something to tide you over and pretty inconsequential once the trailer arrives. Still nice. Featured on a nice rear-page advertisement picture on Variety. Yum. Features an evil monkey, just like 'Phenomena‘ then? Odd. Contains both Asia and her mother Daria Nicolodi, with a host of other names too of course.

Suspiria‘ (Restored Original Version) appeared at Cannes, went down a storm, hoping for High Defintion DVD now. Snapped up by TWC. Strangely happy, as the suggestion is of a Cinema Release being possible. Music credits now mention both Goblin and Philip Glass. Hmm... Sound elements may be shifted back to a truer representation of the original mix, something many later viewers will have missed out on. Now, can we have them all restored, on the big screen and on HD? These are the only films that I'm angling for in that respect, so make me happy please... we should at least see 'Inferno‘ to make the trilogy hit cinemas around the same time, shound't we? Would like to think so.

Suspiria‘ (Remake) Is back on. The aim now is to find a new low to pitch remakes it at. Out goes ballet, in comes some street dancing classes? Out go the witches, in come the goth teens with black lipstick? (well, you know how films like to represent goths, and how teeny goths often seem more connected with 'The Craft‘ and not 'The Cure‘). Out goes the seering ear-bleeding score, in comes various forms of licensed shit (in the ‘street' sense of the word if nothing else) from contemporary R'n'B/rap-rock hypbrids and the like? Don't mention their, "cinema, videogames, fashion and music" quote for the production style. Oh dear.

Blue Underground‘s 'Stendhal Syndrome‘ DVD is something to look out for late August or September 2007, as we'll get the Italian Audio track this time around. [Source : Dark Dreams and elsewhere]

‘Mother of Tears' Earlyish Official PIctures at


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Kurt HalfyardMay 29, 2007 8:29 PM

Just found Susperia R1 "Collectors Edition" in a bin for $3. How cool is that?

Peter NellhausMay 30, 2007 9:37 PM

Now all we need is Four Flies on Gray Velvet to be rescued from its particular legal limbo.