Concept Images For Rodolphe Guglielmi and Jean Luc Cano's Echos

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Fresh off the success of their recent Frontieres - most recent ScreenAnarchy article on that one here - which has apparently been sold worldwide and is slated to have a US release in the near future, French genre film production house BR Films has inked a deal with an un-named US studio for their next effort, a horror picture titled Echos. Though they're not spilling much in terms opf plot so far the film is being described as a blend of The Shining and The Truman Show and is to be directed by Frontieres second unit director Rodolphe Guglielmi with Jean Luc Cano and will feature a US cast.

No synopsis doesn't mean no goodies, though ... BR have been good enough to pass along a stack of pre-production concept art and this thing's looking sweet ... read on for those ...

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