2nd trailer for William Dear's SIMON SAYS

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A second downloadable trailer for William Dear's Simon Says has replaced the first one on the website of international sales agent Spotlight Pictures LLC.

As was previously reported here on ScreenAnarchy, the screenplay for Simon Says was written by Dear. The movie apparently stars Crispin Glover, Margo Harshman, Greg Cipes, Carrie Finklea, Kelly Vitz, Artie Baxter, Blake Lively, Daniella Monet, Kelly Blatz, Dean Shelton, Paige Sorenson, and Bruce Glover.

Below is a description of Simon Says from Spotlight Pictures' website.

Simon Says is the first feature horror film from award-winning director William Dear. As gory as it is irreverent, Simon Says breaks new ground within the horror genre by juxtaposing unsettling acts of graphic violence with a dark, twisted sense of humor.

Acclaimed actor Crispin Glover stars as Simon and Stanley, a pair of evil twins who grew up in a family divided and ultimately destroyed by jealousy, brutality, and a seething hatred between the brothers. Violence is the ultimate outcome and becomes the solution to all situations that invade their morbid world. Good and evil irrationally change places as the twins meet and greet the unwitting victims who happen by the derelict shop that once was the family business. On a glorious summer day, a group of college students on a "party-down" camping trip lose their way and find themselves not just players, but victims in the twins' favorite pastime… a life or death version of Simon and Stanley's favorite game… Simon Says.

With never-ending twists and turns, Simon Says traces Simon and Stanley's relentless, bloody rampage through the woods of their youth, obliterating the unwitting game players in terrifyingly original and horrific situations. One by one the trapped and panicked young souls encounter the diabolical mechanics of the twins' perverse game. The dysfunctional duo proves that ingenuity and a twisted evolution of childhood toys turned into crude but efficient killing machines can only lead to one inevitable and very bloody conclusion.

Kate, played by Margo Harshman, turns abject fear into unbelievable courage and revenge as she learns to "play" Simon and Stanley at their own game. Distracted by their obsession with her as their "dream girl", only Kate has the power to make them stop no matter what it will take. Friendless, hopeless, and reeking of death, her only chance of survival depends upon following Simon's lead and doing the unthinkable when triggered by… "You forgotta' say 'Simon says'."

Simon Says trailer #2 (downloadable 10.8 MB WMV file)
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