Trailer for Mauro Borrelli's HAUNTED FOREST - a.k.a. "Satinka"

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A downloadable trailer for Mauro Borrelli's Haunted Forest - a.k.a. "Satinka" (working title) - has just been added to the official subsite for the movie.

As was previously reported here and there on ScreenAnarchy, the screenplay for Haunted Forest was written by Borrelli. The movie stars Sevy Di Cione as Sean, Adam Green as Josh, Mark Hengst as Roy McKane, Edo Beghi as Flipp, Naomi Ueno as Kiyomi, Kiralee Hayashi as Satinka, Agim Kaba as J.R., Justin Klosky as Skinny, Jennifer Luree as Jennifer, Clifford Neil as Cal, and Hans Uder as the tourist.

Here's a synopsis for Haunted Forest from the official subsite for the movie: "Driven by his grandfather's mysterious past, Sean (Sevy Di Cione) searches for the key to a man's sudden disappearance within a dark forest. He believes it may have a connection to the enigmatic tree that now haunts his dreams. Sean's friends (Adam Green and Edo Beghi), along with two young women, accompany him on his quest. But things soon turn deadly as Satinka, a beautiful but vengeful spirit, wreaks her terrible revenge for an unspeakable crime committed over 200 years ago. This hurls the group into a foreboding, ecological nightmare… forcing them onto a road straight to Hell."

Haunted Forest trailer (downloadable 7.2 MB MOV file)
Haunted Forest image gallery (w/ poster & 41 stills)
Haunted Forest official subsite

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Tyger SharkNovember 4, 2006 6:41 PM

wow, what a blatant rip off of the ju-on ghost