Ragnar Bragason's Children (Born) Sweeps Iceland's Edda Noms.

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Once again, thanks are due to Swarez for this ...]

Ragnar Bragason's Children (Born) came in as the big winner at the recent Edda nomination. The Edda is our version of the Oscar, awarding professionals in the Film and TV industry each year. Born got 8 nominations including Best film and Best director. The film has been universally praised over here as the best film that has been produced in the country for years. That has not been reflected in the box office though as Icelanders are vary of going to a black and white, shot on video melodrama with no explosions.

Children is the first part of two films with connecting themes and the second part Parents will be premiered at the beginning of next year.

Children Website (trailers lurking within)

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