Wilson Yip's not-really-a-sequel to SPL to shoot in September

Associate Editor, News; Toronto, Canada (@Mack_SAnarchy)
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Often referred to as the sequel to SPL though not really a sequel to SPL, as it isn't related to the original, reports have shooting for the sequel beginning in September in Macau.

Yip [pictured left] says that the movie features a completely different story. Donnie Yen and Louis Koo will play the leading roles as the police. Since the script is not yet out, not other cast has been decided on. Who they hire to play the villain[s] depends on how much combat and friction they will have against Donnie Yen. Sammo Hung could hold his own in the first film. Can someone else do the same?

Reports do say that Zhang Jing Chu [Seven Swords and Peacock] and Rene Liu [A World Without Thieves] are being considered to play the female lead.


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edJuly 15, 2006 1:37 PM

jesus christ, such great actresses opposite donnie? somebody's got to do the heavy lifting (when action's offscreen)...

robin løvliJuly 16, 2006 1:38 AM

They should instead make a prequel to Spl.