Update on Craig McMahon's ORVILLE, starring Kathleen Benner, Kevin Moyers, David C. Hayes, Erin Del

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At the bottom of this article is a link to a JPEG of a poster for Craig McMahon's Orville. As was reported here on ScreenAnarchy on May 24th, the official websites for both Orville and McMahon's SportKill are online, although at present the one for the former is just a home page.

The screenplay for Orville was written by McMahon. The movie stars Kathleen Benner as Kelly and Kevin Moyers as Orville - the same character whom he played in SportKill. It co-stars David C. Hayes, Erin Del Rosso, and Jose Rosete.

As was reported here on ScreenAnarchy on May 26th, Lions Gate Home Entertainment (Lions Gate Entertainment Corp.) is scheduled to release McMahon's Machined on DVD in the U.S. on August 15th.

Those who are interested in Orville may wish to watch the trailer for Tom Proctor's When Shadows Die, which (Kathleen) Benner co-stars in. (Proctor also directed The Sugar Creek Killer, which stars Tiffany Shepis and Jessica Boehrs (a.k.a. Jessica Böhrs).)

Orville poster (see above left - 336 KB JPEG version)
Orville official website
SportKill teaser trailer (downloadable 5.2 MB WMV file)
SportKill official website
When Shadows Die trailer (downloadable 2.9 MB WMV file)
When Shadows Die official website

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