Truly 'Mini' Argento Update.

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The Third Mother (Mater Lacrimarum) movie rolls in June. Script by Adam Gierasch and Jace Anderson is actually only the basis for a script Argento has re-scribed himself. Based around series of Murders at a University, Ennio Fantastichini is the detective investigating, Chiara Caselli is a psychologist, Max Von Sydow is a University Professor, Giordano Petri is a detective that replaces (well, unavoidable spoiler, probably a very early plot point) Fantastichini. Clearly the film reunites Von Sydow and Caselli who both appeared in 'Non Hon Sonno' ('Sleepless') around five years ago. These then are the first clear details I remember of the story basis and the casting. Nice. [Source : Dark Dreams].

Oh, and now has listings for both Anchor Bays R1 USA DVDs of 'Jenifer' and '...Hitcock?'. Remeber, August 15th 2006.

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JasperMay 27, 2006 6:17 PM

Cor, amazing - I just dug out my DVD of TENEBRE the other time in years, and spend an amusing hour and a half wondering why, about 20 years ago, this was one of my favourite films. That said, I did actually really enjoy it, that peculiar obsession with plot logic to really illogical extremes, the grandisoe music and ostentatious camera technique. In fact, I have a really week spot for all his films from DEEP RED to TENEBRE. It was just after OPERA that I began to lose interest, and after the STENDAHL SYNDROME I gave up for good. As I've heard that he's basically been on a downhill slope for over two decades now (since PHENOMENA), I really have low expectations for this new film. However, the post has rather inspired me to check out INFERNO again - now that was one where all the best Argento elements came together.

CaterpillarMay 27, 2006 9:10 PM

Well, personally I think STENDAHL SYNDROME is his masterpiece. After OPERA he started to make more realistic thrillers and actually he succeeded right out of the gate. It was with PHANTOM OF THE OPERA that he killed off his career. SLEEPLESS had its moments, which might make it more frustrating to watch than if it had been a 100% terrible film. CARD DEALER I could never bring myself to even download for free and JENIFER was almost the worst episode in MOH's first season - no mean feat considering the crap they crammed into those 13 hours. Comebacks are possible, though, and I hope Argento feels a ton of pressure on this project. If he screws that one up as well I really doubt he will be given another chance. He will continue to churn out the odd flick now and then because of his past achievements but he'll be a has-been.

arsonistMay 29, 2006 2:51 PM

wow, finally some solid uptades about the last part of the trilogy. Thanks logboy :)