Radiohead to Score Linklater's A Scanner Darkly!?!

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Now, this is one that belongs firmly in the rumor pile - nothing has been confirmed - but the source seems credible and if this pans out it's simply stunning news, far too good to sit on. I'll let him speak for himself:

"I have a friend who is an animator on Richard Linklater's A SCANNER DARKLY. I thought you might be interested in this scoop.

The movie is doing very well in test screenings, but the #1 complaint audiences have is with the score. So I can only tell you this anonymously, but the producers have approached RADIOHEAD about doing a new score for the film and it looks like everything is going to go through. So in addition to an awesome animated Phillip K. Dick film, we will have a brand new Radiohead score to look forward to. as far as I know, this is the first time Radiohead has ever done a score for the film. While this is still a "rumor" at this time, I would give it a 99% accuracy rating at this point.

Also, I've seen the new trailer for the film and it is absolutely outstanding. It should be hitting the web any time now."

For those unaware this film is Linklater's adaptation of the Philip K. Dick novel of the same name using the same animation technique's he previously used with Waking Life. And if ever there's been a band that more closely shared Dick's themes of paranoia, isolation and a joint fascination with / fear of technology than Radiohead I certainly don't know who it is. This will be an absolutely perfect match if it comes together.

In case you've not yet seen the stunning first trailer for the film yet, the Apple page is here.

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