Trailer and Scenes From Abel Ferrara's Mary

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A trailer and three scenes from Abel Ferrara's award winning Mary have turned up online at the French site Allocine. This is one that I really wanted to catch at the Toronto Film Festival this year but just couldn't fit into my schedule. Here's part of the festival's synopsis:

"A sharply observed rejoinder to those who cynically exploit faith in God for money, power and fame, Mary finds Abel Ferrara on familiar and fruitful turf. Although unspoken and oblique in the film, the controversy around Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ has clearly irked the infamous director and the impressive cast surrounding him on this project. The result is a spare, angry work of cinema that forces us into difficult thinking about the thorny role of Christianity in mass media. It is easily Ferrara's best film since Bad Lieutenant, amplifying its complex conception of faith in exciting new ways. "
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Trailer (downloadable Quicktime)
Clip One (downloadable Quicktime)
Clip Two (downloadable Quicktime)
Clip Three (downloadable Quicktime)

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Kurt HalfyardNovember 26, 2005 1:46 PM

Here is a very nice One-Sheet for Mary, from Cinemablend (here)

JTNovember 26, 2005 9:17 PM

And here is another nice once-sheet for Mary that I downloaded from sithe a few days ago (don't remember where..):