THE SPACE WALKER: Watch The Full Trailer For Bekmembatov Produced Space Adventure

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THE SPACE WALKER: Watch The Full Trailer For Bekmembatov Produced Space Adventure

A few years back I had the opportunity to spend a few days around Wanted director Timur Bekmambetov at a film festival and if I learned anything about the man in that time it's that he loves anything that flies. Which makes him an absolutely perfect producer for his frequent collaborator Dmitriy (Black Lightning) Kiselev's upcoming feature Время Первых, known variously as First Time, the more literal translation Time Of The Pioneers or - what appears to be the official international title - The Space Walker.

With a cast including Konstantin Khabensky (Wanted, Night Watch), Vladimir Ilyin (Lost In Siberia) and Yelena Panova (Metro) the film tells the story of Russian cosmonaut Aleksei Leonov who conducted the first ever spacewalk, becoming the first human ever exposed to open space in the process.

Anyone at all familiar with Bekmambetov and Kiselev's work whould know well what to expect here: Glossy visuals and plenty of crowd pleasing action. We ran an early teaser that delivered exactly that a while back and there's a whole lot more to be found in the just released full trailer. This looks to be a pretty fantastic piece of populist entertainment and there aint nuthin' wrong with that. Check it out below.

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Karl GallagherApril 16, 2017 8:27 AM

The whole space walk was under 13 minutes. Curious to see how they make a whole film out that. I'll defintely see it though. I remember seeing it on the news in 1965.