Catch A Glimpse Of Soweto's Extreme Music Scene With Documentary Short BLACK BLACK METAL

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Catch A Glimpse Of Soweto's Extreme Music Scene With Documentary Short BLACK BLACK METAL

There are a whole host of assumptions about what sort of music, fashion and other cultural accoutrements black people like here in North America, and really all around the world. 'Urban' is the usual code word, and 'urban' in the music scene means hip hop and r&b. And while white kids may like to borrow 'urban' culture from time to time the cultural assumption is very much that those things belong to, and come from, the black community while rock and country belong to the whites. And that's especially the case with metal and punk.

But South African director Wim Steytler has discovered that's not entirely the case within his home country and with his new documentary short Black Black Metal he charts the rise of the nascent extreme music scene within the South African township of Soweto.

In South Africa, rock music is massive… but limited almost exclusively to white communities. In Soweto – a microscopic punk and metal scene is emerging, demolishing some long-held cultural stereotypes. This is the new wave of South African rock music.

The complete short is online below and it's a pretty fascinating watch. Check it out!

Black Black Metal from Picture Tree on Vimeo.

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ManateeAdvocateSeptember 30, 2016 4:06 PM

God I love this. I'm a huge Black Metal fan so I'm truly the target audience for this.

MainlanderSeptember 30, 2016 7:20 PM

Cultural appropriation.

StuOctober 3, 2016 4:21 PM

This is now a regional phenomenon in southern/central Africa, and I wouldn't be surprised to discover death metal scenes in many other countries throughout the continent.

Botswana, which borders South Africa on the north, is home to a well-established death metal scene, and a particular stylistic fusion of death metal and cowboys. There's a great short doc on these DEATH METAL COWBOYS:

In Angola, which borders Botswana to the north and west, there's an orphanage run by a pair of death-heads who use the music to help their community deal with life in the wake of that country's 40-year civil war. DEATH METAL ANGOLA was a feature documentary on the subject that I reviewed here back in 2014, when it had a brief run in US cinemas: - highly recommended!

StuOctober 9, 2016 2:03 PM

Then you should check out Death Metal Angola (see my comment above)