Irie Yu's HIBI ROCK Trailer Will Set Your Hair On Fire

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Irie Yu's HIBI ROCK Trailer Will Set Your Hair On Fire
One of the brightest lights of the young generation of Japanese directors, Irie Yu burst on to the international scene five years ago with the release of his 2009 super low budget indie 8000 Miles. A scrappy and energetic chronicle of small town kids trying to break into the big city rap scene, 8000 Miles earned Irie a glowing reception around the world and a firther two movies continuing to chronicle the characters' lives. And while Irie may have shifted to the big studios for his current wave of projects - 2014 title Escape From Fuji Q is still and indie but his next two are for Japanese major studios Toho and Shochiku - his signature style appears to have survived fully intact. And coming first is his manga adaptation Hibi Rock.

Takuro Hibinuma had no talent for sports or aptitude for studying throughout high school and never had a girlfriend. However, he found his true calling when he began playing rock music. While in high school, he formed a rock band with his friends. After graduation, they move to Tokyo and begin playing live shows. One day, Takuro meets a world-renowned musician named Saki Utagawa and his fate is irrevocably altered. [Translated synopsis thanks to Eigapedia]
Less overtly goofy than something like Detroit Metal City, for instance, Hibi Rock is playing is something of the same neighborhood and looks to be having great fun while doing it. Take a look at the trailer below.
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