Watch The Beautifully Simple Teaser For Finnish Horror BODOM

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Watch The Beautifully Simple Teaser For Finnish Horror BODOM
Sometimes - most times, really - the simplest approach is the best one. And that's a principal firmly embraced by the Finnish creators of proposed horror film Bodom. Aiming for a 2016 release they've created a proof of concept trailer smart enough to recognize that when dealing with a familiar premise - the story revolves around a campground killing - it's all about the execution. and the execution on this is simple, elegant, and iconic. Pretty much perfect, really. Take a look below.
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  • Jason Murphy

    That tracking shot is sublime.

  • Kennet Lindholm

    The basic of the story is a true event in the middle of 1960's. 4 youths when out to the Bodom lake for a camping and only only one came back alive. The killer was never caught and the man who survived was never found guilty. This has all the potential to be a great movie so and I will definetly go and watch it.

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