OH! FATHER Trailer: One Boy And His Four Fathers Try To Solve A Mystery

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OH! FATHER Trailer: One Boy And His Four Fathers Try To Solve A Mystery
Take a look at the synopsis or watch the trailer and you will immediately realize that Oh! Father is certainly not your typical comedy. But which Japanese comedy really is these days?

Set in modern day Tokyo, Fujii Michihito's sophomore feature centers around the quirky and dangerous adventures of Yukio (Okada Masaki), a high school student who lives peacefully in a single apartment with his mother and four fathers. Yes, you read that right. What's more, this rather unusual situation helps him lead a social and fruitful life. Then, one day, when he becomes entangled in a mysterious case which begins with a stolen briefcase, Yukio understands that he will need his fathers' assistance more than ever.

Here's a short description of the plot (via Eigapedia):

Yukio is a typical high school student in practically every way, the one big exception being the fact that he's an only child in a family of 6. This is due to the fact that he has four fathers, each with their own unique personalities and interests. The only thing they share in common is their love of their son. 

 When Yukio witnesses a robbery, he becomes involved in a bizarre string of incidents involving his fathers.

Based on Isaka Kotaro's 2010 novel of the same name, Oh! Father will be released in cinemas across Japan on May 24, 2014. You can find the first trailer below!
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