Review: MISFITS S4E03 (Or, The Third Rudy)

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Review: MISFITS S4E03 (Or, The Third Rudy)
It's clear now that Rudy is absolutely the central character of Misfits. The assured scripting of the character is allowing the show to develop him strongly too, and this week we get to see a third incarnation of his split personality. In Series Four's most engaging episode so far, we see that a version of Rudy has just been released from prison and is set on confronting the other Rudys, who apparently betrayed him and got him locked up. Meanwhile, Finn has romantic complications with his stepmother in a lifeless subplot, and Curtis spends more time with the mysterious Lola.

If I'd been told beforehand that this episode of Misfits would feature a tense and revelatory conversation punctuated by the Macarena and an incredibly creepy occurrence of ukelele playing, I would have been intrigued but far from surprised. The show continues to find fresh drama in the most unlikely areas, and that's one of the many reasons it remains so great. The third Rudy isn't simply an evil version of the character; he's a manipulative psychopath, sure, but he's still someone who acts in ways that relate to the insecurities of the primary Rudy.

Jess is also becoming more interesting and, of the new characters, she is the one that I am beginning to warm to the most. There was always going to be more to her, but I doubt many viewers could've predicted that her damaged past would include an eating disorder and a failed suicide attempt. Karla Crome is tremendous in this episode, and the way that this character is being presented comes with impressive levels of honesty and depth.

Finn, on the other hand, is boring. After showing himself to be cruel and controlling last week (actions that I still think may be irredeemable), he manages to be dull and unfunny here. Time spent following Finn feels like time wasted, and his entanglement with his stepmother is not only predictable but also far too straightforward to be sensationalist in any way. By the end of the episode, he also learns that his father isn't really his father. This should be more entertaining or promising than it is, but I'd prefer if this character were left on the sidelines more often.

What makes this episode really work as well as it does is an exceptional performance from Joseph Gilgun in three separate but connected roles. He makes each Rudy feel like a real individual, but he is also able to weave common threads between them. What he achieves is very impressive, proof that Rudy is far from just comic relief and it really solidifies his position at the centre of Misfits.

The adventures of Curtis and Lola don't feel as though they deepen much this week, but her character is mysterious enough to be interesting. It looks like we'll be seeing much more of her next time, though, so let's hope there are some exciting twists in store. If Misfits can pull off more episodes as great as this, the fourth series could be quite something.
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SpikedYumNovember 12, 2012 9:07 AM

They should never of killed Third Rudy off.
Hopefully they will make it that he is still alive. Say something like, the two Rudys decided to bury him alone. In doing so they somehow healed him due to him pleaing for his life. Say something like, normal Rudy allows Third Rudy to go back inside him, and so the wound gets split between all three of them, and so the wound was not as deep?
Very bad move killing him off. With third Rudy there was more promise to even making Rudy more interesting than he is. The idea that a villain is at the heart of the group is always a good story plot. Like a re-accuring villain. They always make shows better.

If the makers of Misfits can see this, please, bring Rudy three back somehow. You are losing a great addition to the show. Third Rudy can open up plots to later episodes, and maybe even a whole season.

Please, bring him back.

Simon CocksNovember 12, 2012 9:41 AM

Agreed. I didn't mention it in the review, but it felt as though they were setting the character up to stick around and rushed the death at the end. To have continued the story with the third Rudy would be considerably more interesting than whatever it is Finn is doing and the vague developments with Curtis...

I hope we see the third Rudy again in some way.

JayNovember 12, 2012 6:02 PM

to be honest there's something i don't understand..which is the real rudy? i mean Rudy1 absorbed the body of Rudy3 but he had the psycopath personality, so...who's the first real rudy??the third??o it's the first but the psycopath was too dominant???

KrondarNovember 15, 2012 8:34 AM

you have developed a rediculous attachment to a non-existent fictional character. if overman did not routinely kill popular characters there would be no jeopardy, no suspense,no horror,and no show. he's obviously not satisfied with killing off 1966 roddenberry redshirts.

the only fault i saw in the death of Third Rudy was it's predictability. seemed inevitable, he was too dangerous to live without a bloodbath that would have included Rudy's parents as well as Jess., and he also had the ability to utterly dominate Rudy and Other Rudy. the suggestion that he should be "cured" should be applied to hannibal lektor, jason and freddie. or maybe they could make al bundy like his family. eventually all such characters would be identical, harmless smurfs.