Trailer for Indonesian drama 'Catatan Harian Si Boy' [UPDATED]

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Trailer for Indonesian drama 'Catatan Harian Si Boy' [UPDATED]
Here is what I can tell you. In the late 80s and early 90s there were at least five Catatan Si Boy films. And from what I was able to gather from the loose electric lips of Google Translate that this 2011 version, Catatan Harian Si Boy, is not a remake of those films. Other than I don't trust a word out of its mouth. 

Yeah, we're slim on details here so we hope to have something for you down the road. But, the film comes highly touted from filmmakers and friends of ScreenAnarchy in Indonesia. So, you'll find the trailer after the break. 

And just like that we have more info from one of our friends in Indonesia...

Boy's ultimate girlfriend (he used to have many but this one is like the love of his life) is very sick 
in the hospital but she never lets go of Boy's diary in her hand. Doctors almost give up and tell her 
daughter to go and find the owner of the diary to at least to make her happy before she dies. In search 
for this mysterious Boy, she meets a troubled young man who then helps her try to find Boy. Troubles 
ensue as love triangle forms, thugs appear, and Boy may only turnout to be not the character that 
people have become familiar with.

And to confirm this film's background... In the 80's, 'Catatan Si Boy' (Boy's Diary) films, all 5 of them, were huge. They were actually very 
corny, about a boy named Boy who's good-looking, rich, fights, but never forgets to pray 5 times 
a day and records all his adventures in a diary. But the character has become one 
of the biggest icons in Indonesia surpassing former president Soeharto. Since then, Boy has become some 
sort of a legend.

Thank you mysterious stranger...
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