IFC buys North American rights for UK horror 'Spiderhole'

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IFC buys North American rights for UK horror 'Spiderhole'
News out of Berlin today as IFC acquired the North American rights for the small budget horror flick out of the UK Spiderhole from Canuck outfit Raven Banner Entertainment.

They say squatting is dead - a term that takes on a sinister double meaning when four homeless art students decide to take up residence in an abandoned London House where a hidden terror lurks.

Spiderhole is the feature debut from writer/director Daniel Simpson. Having seen the film already I wouldn't say that the writing was particularly strong. The story plays by the rules for the most part and a lot of it will feel familiar to seasoned horror viewers. However, Daniel Simpson's eye behind the camera is definitely his stronger suit. Together with his cinematographer Vinit Borrison and production designer Daithi Magner they have created a film that is rather lovely to look at. I understand if that may not particularly sell it to you but it also clocks in at a slim 82 minutes so it does not demand so much of your precious time. 

You will find trailers after the break...
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