Inhale trailer hits the web. Dutch DVD and Blu released.

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Inhale trailer hits the web. Dutch DVD and Blu released.
For some reason or other Baltasar Kormakur's first US produced film, Inhale, has remained unreleased in the US for some time now but fans of the director can rejoice because it's been let out of the gates in the Netherlands on DVD and Blu Ray. 
The story follows a criminal lawyer who has to bend the rules quite a bit when he employes some dubious doctors south of the border for his daughter's lung transplant. This is of course highly illegal and things don't go as smoothly as he hoped it would. Doesn't it always?
The film stars Dermot Mulroney, Diane Kruger and Sam Sheppard.
A trailer for the Dutch release has hit the web via Youtube and you can also check out some nice looking stills on cinematographer Ottar Gudnason's web site through the link below.
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