Update on Maurizio Mariscoli's IL BUIO DENTRO

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The official website for Maurizio Mariscoli's Il buio dentro has been overhauled, and on it there now is a version of the trailer for the movie that is larger and of better quality (the picture is brighter) than the one that previously was on it.

As was reported here on ScreenAnarchy back on October 12th of last year, the screenplay for Il buio dentro was written by Mariscoli. The movie stars Mariscoli as Stè, Simone Levatesi as Matteo, Federica Lanari as Giulia, Cristina Tricarico as Valeria, Giorgio Mariscoli as the man with the hat, Sergio Mariscoli as Valeria's father, Giorgia Bartocci as Valeria as a child, and Francesca Mariscoli as the first victim.

Those who are interested in Il buio dentro may also wish to read the ScreenAnarchy article on Livio Bordone's Padiglione 22.

Il buio dentro trailer (downloadable 19.6 MB MOV file)

Il buio dentro movie stills gallery (31 JPEGs)

Il buio dentro production stills gallery (12 JPEGs)

Il buio dentro official website

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Padiglione 22 trailer (downloadable 3.6 MB WMV file - viewer discretion is advised)

Padiglione 22 stills gallery (5 JPEGs)

Paco Cinematografica: Padiglione 22

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