Watch The First Trailer For Keanu Reeves' MAN OF TAI CHI

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Watch The First Trailer For Keanu Reeves' MAN OF TAI CHI
Though there is still no North American release date announced for Keanu Reeves' directorial effort Man Of Tai Chi the international marketing campaign is already well under way. The poster intended for the Chinese market turned up last week and that has now been followed by a Chinese language trailer.

What do we get? Plenty of fighting, lots of Keanu, lots of star Tiger Chen, and bits of Karen Mok and Simon Yam. This plays more like a teaser than a full trailer - as you would expect at this stage - laying out the basics of the story and promising more to come while clearly holding back some of the major fighters. No sign of The Raid star Iko Uwais, for instance. Take a look at the trailer below!
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  • earl

    you break my record, now i break you!


    the movie was.....well......okay.... keanu did not fight until very end of the movie....and it was a good fight but left alot to be wanted about his character why he was doing what he did....besides that he had money and power....otherwise it was a good movie watching how money among other things change people...

  • 082071

    No refs/rules would degenerate into a street fight. Biting, headbutts, small joint manipulation, hair pulling, eye-gouging, groin strikes, etc. It would be less graceful than even the first UFC fights.

  • Analogfrog

    Looks good to me.. always guarded against fight-tournament movies so the genre is not killed for me yet!! Just give me a good plot. I can handle cheese. lucky me! Keanu kicks ass at everything :)

  • logan square

    So keanu is directing a kung fu movie that looks like every other kung fu movie.. With keanu. I'm blown away

  • That's not a B movie, that's an F movie!

  • phillypat

    anybody see the movie The Arena with Samuel (frickin awesome)L. Jackson??? this trailer really reminds me of that movie...with subtitles?!

  • Jeff Rittenour

    yikes - this looks bad....and I love keeanu...

  • Munky

    They should have cast Scott Adkins in this.

  • IfYouSeeKay

    Ok, ok.. but let's talk about The Matrix - Resurrection

  • winner!

    this looks like a sick movie.

    i like the black Fanta man.

    also it's very nice that my sweet actor Simon Yam is in it:)

  • ChrisP

    Every part of my logical side is letting me know that this is probably going to be a bad movie, but I still can't help wanting to watch it. It looks like a lot of fun. Hopefully it doesn't take itself too seriously, with the whole "Let's try to corrupt someone who believes in Tao" theme. Who am I kidding? "Let... the show... begin" says it all.

  • Benoit lafleche

    It's interesting if I remember they were putting a lot of focus at first on this new cool camera rig "bot and dolly" system that fluidly followed the action of a fight scene...and in no way showcased it in the trailer!!!!!!!

  • Al Young

    Unfortunately, Keanu revealed in a recent interview that they were unable to incorporate the camera rig, Bot & Dolly due to cost and other reasons. Thought they did try their best to shoot the action as fluid and dynamic as they could. Its too bad because that was one of major factors that got me intrigued with the movie.

  • That One Guy

    Wait really? I sadly never heard about that piece of (imo, significant) news. Like what's the point of having a proof-of-concept video if you aren't given the resources to follow through with it?
    This makes me wonder if Keanu will go on his word about how certain camera angles/scenes are usually captured using CGI without the Bot & Dolly... or avoid these things entirely. Either way this is a big missed opportunity for him (though, being his debut movie, I can understand why he would rather give-up on a certain camera than give-up on the whole movie).

  • that sucks man!!!
    that effect was very nice in the proof of concept video.

    shame, better luck next time. If this movie becomes successful in sales, they should SURELY implement it in a sequel.

  • Joe Foolio

    That is a real bummer to hear that they didn't use Bot & Dolly, I guess I can officially declare this movie dead to me. That trailer looked like trash and without fluid motion filming of the action scenes then I just don't really see the point in wasting my time on "Bloodsport: 2013".

  • Gopal Natarajan

    Looks pretty lame.

  • cjtkd

    Yes it doesn't look that great from watching this first trailer. I have been really looking forward to this, but I don't want another tournament martial arts movie!!

  • bob

    looks cheesy. The Tournament equivalent. Fail movie

  • C-Sword

    No Iko Uwais?

  • Mike

    So it's just a tournament flick?

  • Looks interesting. I'd like to see some inner struggle, something the fighter is giving up to get to that place/status. I bet he's sacrificing something. It only seems to be selling the sport/battle so far. There's no heart. Hope it's in the longer cut.

  • DougCL

    so Keanu is the guy running this event or tournament or whatever it is? interesting. i look forward to seeing a longer trailer.

  • That is so low rez it's unwatchable. It's not 1997, for **** sake.

  • Guest

    Are you watching it on a billboard sized screen? It's very clear. Keanu's plastic face in high resolution.

  • mmvm

    Let. The show. Begin. Wtf...

  • Crook Ofraud

    it's ufc to the death no refs and when they both suck reeves comes in to kill them both

  • Jker

    It's not an English movie, that line sounds corny as hell to english fluent speakers, but it's easy to translate for Chinese speakers. That would be my guess as to why it sounds SO bad..

  • i'm sure that there's an english version for this movie

  • Proutcast

    This!!! You see the Bot & Dolly video and you think this guy is pushing limits, going for the new, fresh take....then he spits that line in another tournament film. Hmm, still interested though.....

  • Laurent Buson

    Looking forward to seeing Iko kick some ass here :)

  • maikel


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