First Teaser for French Animated film WHITE FANG

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First Teaser for French Animated film WHITE FANG
Over at Alphanim site, I stumbled across an impressive teaser trailer to White Fang, a French traditional animated film based on the classic novel of the same name that brings back fond memories of the glory years in Disney animation.  All I know about this adaptation after doing some searches on google is the teaser is apparently over two five years old and even through the project is listed as in-development, the official site to Welldone films, the studio that is co-producing the animation is no longer around so I'm not sure whether if its been scrapped or not.  Lets hope its still on the table because it does look promising.
Inspired by the world of Jack London, White Fang is a story about redemption or how a wolfhound caught in a spiral of violence, becomes in spite of himself, a legend dreaded and feared to then return to his true nature guided by a human couple. Half-wolf from his father and half-dog from his mother, the life of White-Fang is finely tuned into the laws of nature from an early age. The disappearance of his father and the famine that follows, teaches him the uncertainties of existence. As a wolf-cub, he is brought face to face with the grandeur and danger of Mother Nature that he learns to master step by step.  Meeting an Indian tribe opens the door of a new world that White Fang quickly adapts to. The world of men, nonetheless, holds for White Fang a danger more insidious than anything he has ever experienced in the Great North. His adoption launches a rampage of jealousy and vindictiveness from the other dogs of the tribe. This rejection and hatred will forever mark White Fang. Later, civilization and its vices take hold of White Fang when his Indian master sales him to a greedy and despicable white man. His new owner abuses White Fang to increase and fuel the dog's rage prior dog fights that he secretly organizes. Kill or be killed, now White Fang must unleash his anger against his victims for his own survival. White Fang will owe his salvation to a man of integrity who will provide the opportunity to prove his loyalty and his real nature.
You'll find the teaser trailer and a gallery of concept art below.
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Via Alphanim

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TsukaNovember 17, 2009 2:46 PM

This trailer is 6 years old. You have to improve your french if you want to follow Catsuka correctly :-]

Al YoungNovember 17, 2009 2:56 PM

6 year!? Wow, that is a long time and still no update. Any idea on the current status of White Fang, Tsuka?

TsukaNovember 17, 2009 4:06 PM

I have no info about the current status but I don't think Alphanim will be able to maintain such high "disney" quality level (Welldone Films was originally formed by people from french paris based Disney's studio ... and Alphanim has not such artists). There's another french studio called "Neomis" with people from previous Disney studio and they also have problems to produce such projects.