Have Your Say: Which Film Would You Like To See Fanatically Restored?

A few months ago I did a "Pretty Packaging" article about the German Suspiria release, and mentioned that while that edition contained a fine HD rendition of the film, fans were avidly awaiting Synapse's 4K restoration, a labor of love that had been worked on for years already.

Well, Synapse's restoration has been presented to the general public, and everyone who has seen has been floored by it. Argento's phantasmagoria now sports brighter colors than it has been seen with for decades, as well as a revolutionary 4.0 channel soundtrack which had -until now- only been heard in the film's first few weeks of release, in select cinemas, back in 1977. Whoa!

It makes you wonder... what other film would you love to see spectacularly, fanatically restored like that? Chime in, in the comments below, and HAVE YOUR SAY!!!

(Note: This screenshot taken from Synapse's website, and you can now pre-order their home editions of this restoration here.)
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