[Updated 2/5/18: The full teaser trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story has been added below.]

The game of games. The opportunity for history to be made tonight. Or will it go to the underdogs? We will know in a couple hours when the spectacle is over the Pepto Bismal finally kicks in! 

Screen Anarchy is going to track all the Big Game spots throughout the night. Find them all below with some play by play action. Keep coming back to this spot for more! 

Probably the biggest rumor of the night is that Netflix is planning to launch JJ Abrams' produced sequel to Cloverfield right after the game

1. And the biggest surprise goes to Solo, because Disney said they weren't going to. But they did. Holy Shit! And there is the promise of a trailer tomorrow. Holy shit! Opens Memorial Day, May 25th. 

2. When are the trades going to stop calling it John Krasinski's A Quiet Place. Just John? For shame trades. His wife and obviously better half Emily Blunt also stars in it too. As one of our readers has pointed out, I jumped to a conclusion without looking into a project further. John Krasinski earns the mention whenever the title A Quiet Place is mentioned because he wrote and directed the thriller as well. Thank you, Garth. Opens April 6th.

3. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. We think that everyone will agree that the first teaser for Fallen Kingdom was a bit of a mess, no? We do not know if this new trailer is going to convince us otherwise, with the toe tapping. But that long taloned reach? That is effective. Opens June 22nd.

4. Red Sparrow. We do not know what this game spot is aiming for. Exposition? Covering the plot points? The journey of Jennifer Lawrence to become the titular character? There is not anything to suggest that it is going to be an action filled thriller. Opens in cinemas on March 2nd. 

5. Skyscraper. The next big blockbuster from Dwayne Johnson arrives in cinemas on July 13th. The first trailer features Dwayne running around a burning building in China on a prosthetic leg, throwing axes at bad guys wielding machine guns? That could work. 

6. We just got an email that yes, Cloverfield Paradox will roll out after the Big Game tonight on Netflix. 

7. Whew. Caught up yet? The sixth chapter of the Mission Impossbile series Fallout bows on July 27th and so far they have released the most action packed spot of the night. Really. This looks pretty spectacular. 

8. Hey. Remember when we all freaked out about that Danny McBride Crocodile Dundee trailer? Resty easy. Turns out it is just the start of an elaborate tourism campaign for Americans to visit Australia. You have to admit that is pretty effing brilliant. Crisis averted, yeah. But brilliant. 

9. Westworld. There is nothing more majestic than the a group of bulls running across the frontier. According to The Wrap this is HBOs first Big Game spot in twenty years. Returns April 22nd. 

10. Avengers Infinity War. Kind of hard to complain to Marvel that this Big Game spot is only thrity seconds long. IT'S NOT ENOUGH! IT'S NOT ENOUGH! But really now, we're already sold. Every superhero makes an appearance. 

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