THE WHITE ORCHID: Olivia Thirlby Flirts With Danger in Trailer For Neo Noir Thriller

Steve Anderson's neo noir thriller The White Orchid will have its world premiere at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival at the end of this week. Anderson wrote the screenplay about a social services agent who gets embroiled in a murder investigation. Screen Anarchy is pleased to premiere the trailer for his flick which you will find below. 
A shy Social Services investigator is reluctantly assigned to an unsolved, small-town homicide case. Taking both personal and professional chances, she slowly assumes the identity of the enigmatic blond victim - known only as "The White Orchid" - in hopes of solving the mysterious murder. 
Shy and reserved, Claire Decker, 30ish, is a part-time investigator for Social Services. Typically, she solves cases where senior citizens have died alone, leaving no indication of who must handle their estate. This time however, Claire is reluctantly drawn into a puzzling murder case. The local police have been unable to solve the horrific crime, or even decipher the victim's true identity. A beautiful and enigmatic young blond, known only as “The White Orchid,” has been brutally murdered. As Claire is drawn deeper and more intimately into the dead woman's life, she finds herself taking dangerous chances and pushing personal and professional boundaries. As she gets closer to the truth, Claire must effectively become the charismatic "White Orchid" in order to solve the mysterious crime.
At first the name Olivia Thirlby did not ring a bell. Sure, John Carroll Lynch is instantly recognizable wherever he appears but I could not place Thirlby until I looked her up. Oh damn, she is Anderson in Dredd! She looks so wee in this, which I imagine is the point. But you can sense the physical progression she makes from douty agent to blonde bombshell. 
The world premiere is this Thursday, February 1st at 8:20pm in the Metro 4 Theatre 2. The second screening is on Friday, February 2nd at 1:20pm in the Fiesta 5 Theatre 2.

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