NECRONOMICON, THE BOOK OF HELL: Watch The Trailer For an Argentinian Lovecraftian Horror

H.P. Lovecraft fans will know that the famed horror author claimed that five original copies of his fictional grimioire, the Necronomicon, are held in five institutions around the World. One of them just happens to be in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Director Marcelo Schapces and screenwriter Luciano Saracino, with collaboration from novelist Ricardo Romero, have made the horror film about that claim of Lovecraft's. What would happen if the Necronomicon were real? What would happen if the forces of evil were to find out where one of the copies lay? Welcome to their film Necronomicon, The Book of Hell
For centuries, Dieter, a man without age, has been guarding the infernal book Necronomicon, to keep it locked and to prevent its evil conjures to summon the dark abyss from taking over humanity and Earth. The copy of the book he protects lies well-hidden in the National Library of Buenos Aires. The mysterious death of Dieter leads Luis, a simple librarian, to confront the forces that lurk in the Necronomicon. In a city that’s corroded by apocalyptic climate, a man faces the forces of darkness.
Schapces' film opens in cinemas in Argentina on March 1st. Thanks to the help of one of his leads, actress Victoria Maurette, he has been kind enough to provide us with a subtitled version of the trailer which you may watch below. One thing is sure, there is no shortage of pretty things to look at in it. Evil things. But pretty. There is a terrific sense of darkness and mood to it. 
The cast of Necronomicon, The Book of Hell includes Diego Velázquez ("Kryptonita", Cannes ́ favourite "The Long Night of Francisco Sanctis"), Maria Laura Cali, international scream queen Victoria Maurette (What the Waters Left Behind), Nico García (star of the Paraguayan hit “7 Boxes”), Claudio Ferraro, Claudio Martinez Bel and Claudio Da Passano. This film has also the special apparitions and performances of Cecilia Rossetto, Daniel Fanego and Federico Luppi -a well known Argentinian actor who died last year, Necronomicon was his last movie.
In the small gallery below there are also illustrations of the cast by popular Argentinian comic artist Salvador Sanz
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