The one thing I love about Korean theatrical posters is that they often just take a good photograph and make it the key art. No fuss, no muss, a wee bit of photoshop buffing, a great sense of framing, and a focus on people. That's all it takes. 

Now typically these one sheets are a close-up of the films star or ensemble cast. Here, for Ridley Scott's All The Money In The World, it highlights the media and the claustrophobic pressure they exert in on Gail Harris (Michelle Williams) and her CIA operative (Mark Wahlberg) after the kidnapping and ransoming of her son. 

Contrast this design to the similar, but very plastic, and overly fussed with American theatrical poster (here) and you will immediately see why the Korean design aesthetic is vastly superior. There is something about the better lighting, and the photographer (facing away from our perspective) in the foreground that seals the deal here

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