TETHER: Watch a New Sci-Fi Action Short From BAD BLOOD's Tim Reis

Tether is the new sci-fi action short from Tim Reis, director of werefrog horror flick Bad Blood, and producer of other sci-fi and horror indies like The Mind's Eye, The Demon's Rook and Goat Witch.

Turning away from horror, sort of, Reis turned his lens on to stronger sci-fi elements and embraced the world of action cinema. Now that Tether has completed its festival run he has left it to us to debut it online for you. 

There are still some horrific elements in Tether. You can take the boy out of the horror film but you can never... so fans of the piratical effects he has employed in previous efforts will not be disappointed here. The action elements are a bit of a mixed bag I think. Though the violence is good and strong I feel that a little more study into how the great directors and camera operators have captured action choreography in the past would have brought Tether to another level. 

Have a look for yourself. Screen Anarchy is pleased to debut the new sci-fi action short from Tim Reis, Tether.

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