Have Your Say: There's Too Much STAR WARS Happening

Rian Johnson's Star Wars: The Last Jedi is taking the world by storm, and while some people have angrily stated that this will be "Their Last Star Wars", for others it has renewed interest in the franchise. The good news for those is that in five months time, we'll get Ron Howard's Han Solo spin-off film already.

With Disney helming the franchise, we're likely to get one Star Wars film each year at least. This poses a question though: is that too much? These films are events for a reason, not the least of which was that there were so few of them and that we had to wait literally YEARS for the next one. Isn't the current schedule bombarding us with too much of a good thing? As former mega-fan Matt Brown stated so eloquently in his column, over two and a half years ago: "Star Wars is infinite, but I am not."

So the topic of the week is: isn't there too much Star Wars going on at the moment?
Chime in, in the comments below, and HAVE YOUR SAY!

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