ANOTHER WOLFCOP Review: Canadian Horror Comedy Sequel a Better Version of The Original

Lou Garou returns as the town of Woodhaven's alcoholic werewolf cop. With the new police chief Tina and the proverbial many more WolfCop must spring into action when eccentric and possibly evil businessman Sydney Swallows seduces the town with a new brewery and hockey team in the horror-comedy sequel Another WolfCop.
Leo Fafard returns as WolfCop Lou Garou. Now comfortable in his skin, until he rips it off to become WolfCop, he tries to keep a low lycan profile when the full moon is out but when crimes happens WolfCop answers the call. Tina (Amy Matysio) is now the chief of the police department and is on top of the dry wit and humor department. Jonathan Cherry is still king of the hill though as his Willie Higgins returns from the dead. Willie does get the best material in the film, cracking jokes while dealing with his own physical changes. 
Murdoch Mysteries' Yannick Bisson plays Sydney Swallows, the entrepreneur looking to inject some new life into Woodhaven by reopening the shuttered brewery. He may also be looking to do some injecting directly to the residents by some nefarious means. The gist of it is that the man is fucking with our beer and the one thing you do not do is fuck with a Canadian’s beer. They tried in 1983 with Strange Brew. It did not work then and WolfCop will be damned if it happens now near a quarter of a century later. Do not fuck with Canadian beer. We do not forget. 
The opening volley features 3/5ths of Astron-6 putting in a cameo performance as hired goons transporting a package to Sydney Swallows before being intercepted by WolfCop. Other familiar faces include a well known hockey jersey wearing director puts in an appearance as Woodhaven’s Mayor Bubba and a Canadian musical icon, popular in the 80s, who has lent his material to both films, now also makes an appearance in the climax of the film, and during a climax of another kind in the bridge act. Howl chicka howl howl! 
There is the saying, ‘The more things change the more they stay the same’. What has changed between the first WolfCop and this much improved sequel is that it's just that, much improved. Writer/director Lowell Dean shows marked improvement in his direction. His writing is often slight and underhanded with jokes being delivered with a straight face, sometimes delivered even as an afterthought. The level of gore is higher as well with some other types of visual gags thrown in. The visual effects are by and large practical and that always gets you extra points in any gorehound’s books. Then there is the sequel’s lycan love scene which swaps roles and gives us… uh… more to play with. You’ll see. 
The final standoff between WolfCop and Swallows’ goons could not be more Canadian, the opening night of the new hockey arena/brewery. We Canadians, and hockey fans around the World, know what it is when you are jerseyed in a hockey game. And though the NHL has taken great strides to prevent that from happening at the professional level it is still a wonderful and gloriously bloody thing at the grassroots level. Just you wait. 
For all of its improvements though Another WolfCop still feels like the same movie over again, just a better version of it. There is less character discovery of course as the story in the sequel just keeps on trucking along and presumes that you have seen the first film. If you have, I am sure you will appreciate Another WolfCop because it delivers exactly on its premise, silly B grade fun and gore with minimal requirements of investment. And to be honest I do not know if a third film has to do anything different if the formula remains successful. But perhaps Dean and company may want to think about a line change and perhaps bring about more threat from their bad guys. 
If you have not seen the first movie you will be a bit lost at first so perhaps a viewing of the first film is in order so you can roll right along with WolfCop as he fights crime in Woodhaven. You will also appreciate the strides that Dean and company have made between the two films. 
I assure you that WolfCop’s penis is less… disruptive, the second time around. 
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