THE RANGER: The Teaser Poster For Jenn Wexler's Debut Horror Flick is Here

Yesterday, EW debuted the teaser poster for Jenn Wexler's upcoming feature film debut, a horror flick called The Ranger. We have a clean version (sans watermark) to share with you this morning. It could be a punk with spiked hair. It could be a punk at the point of impact from the titular character The Ranger and we're seeing the back of this punk's head spraying out towards us. Golly, I really want it to be the latter, heh. 
The Ranger was presented at the Frontieres Co-Production Market at Fantasia last July. Wexler had shot a short POC for her presentation and I was so tickled with the idea that I included it in my list of films I wanted to see happen. And now it is. I am a garsh-darned prophet! 
Wexler has been a long time producer with Glass Eye Pix over the years, lending her skills to titles like Darling and a segment from ABCs of Death 2. She has two titles rolling out at SXSW this coming week: Most Beautiful Island and Psychopaths. She will be producing The Ranger with her boss, Glass Eye Pix's Larry Fessenden, and a friend of many here at ScreenAnarchy, Heather Buckley (We Are Still Here). Andrew van den Houten (She's Allergic to Cats, The Woman and Jug Face) and Ashleigh Snead will produce for Hood River Entertainment.
Wexler wrote The Ranger with Giaco Furino (Most Beautiful Island). 
“I have a long history with Andrew, ever since he cast me in his feature debut Headspace, and later in Jug Face, but this will be our first time partnering as producers,” said Fessenden in a statement. “It is a thrill to team up to support Jenn Wexler’s first outing as a feature director after her many outings producing for others.”
“I’ve been a fan of Jenn’s work since I selected her short film to be the winner at Viscera Film Festival years ago,” van den Houten. “Now I’m honored to be helping finance and produce her first feature. Larry, GEP, and I have been waiting to collaborate for years so may this be a fruitful start with many more projects to come.”
“I’m so excited to work with Andrew’s company and the GEP team to bring this candy-colored punk rock dream world to life,” said Wexler.
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