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Interview: Abel Ferrara Talks Pandemic Film ZEROS AND ONES, Recalls Cult Classic MS .45

At 70, Abel Ferrara lives with his partner Cristina Chiriac and their little daughter Anna in Rome, Italy. Far from the city that made him a legendary filmmaker, he makes fictions and documentaries with absolute creative freedom, personal works that...

New York 2017 Review: Lucrecia Martel's ZAMA Is the Cinematic Highlight of the Year

Finding the Latin American identity, as European settlers and their offspring, has been the continuous source for great literature over 300 years. Throw in the idea of class, masculinity, racism, sense of belonging, you get a very complex picture of what makes up the theme of Zama.

Weinberg Reviews GET THE GRINGO

I'm not sure if Mel Gibson told his first-time director that he wanted his new movie to be a certifiably insane concoction of Walter Hill characterization and Sam Peckinpah brutality, but Adrian Grunberg's Get the Gringo feels like it just...