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Cannes 2023 Review: FALLEN LEAVES, Aki Kaurismäki's Deadpan Masterwork

Finnish director Aki Kaurismäki returns to the Cannes competition after 12 years with a superlative romantic comedy.

Cannes 2023 Review: INDIANA JONES AND THE DIAL OF DESTINY, Indy's Final Adventure

Directed by James Mangold, Harrison Ford reprises his iconic role for the fifth and last time in the long running fan favorite film series.

Cannes 2023 Review: MONSTER, Complex Chronology, Brave Message

Kore-eda Hirokazu directed a impactful drama with genre trappings.

Cannes 2023 Review: In JEANNE DU BARRY, Johnny Depp Returns in Subdued Supporting Turn

Johnny Depp, performing in French for the first time, plays Louis XV in a historical biopic about the king's mistress.

Chicago Critics 2023 Review: SANCTUARY Is More SECRETARY Than BASIC INSTINCT

Margaret Qualley and Christopher Abbott star; Zachary Wigon directed.

Hot Docs 2023 Review: ANGEL APPLICANT Reveals the Art of Survival

Ken A. Meyer directed, created an emotionally engaging, culturally relevant, and socially influential double portrait of artist Paul Klee and himself, dealing with the same disease.

Calgary Underground 2023 Review: DAD & STEP-DAD Barbeques The Male Ego To A Crisp

Not since wandering into Kevin Smith’s Clerks in an Oshawa multiplex in 1994 have I immediately glommed on to a micro-budget comedy as something that can be watched over and over again. Tynan DeLong’s Dad & Step-Dad is a small,...

Panic Fest 2023 Review: MOON GARDEN, A Visual Marvel, Like MAD GOD's Cousin

Directed by Ryan Steven Harris, the film stars Augie Duke, Brionne Davis, and Haven Lee Harris.


There are many flavours of hubris. An over inflated or confident self image we attempt to project out to the world. What we think we know or what we think we deserve deserve. The faith we place in our idols,...

PLAYLAND Exclusive: New Official Trailer For Georden West's LGBTQ+ Docu Fiction, World Sales go to Alief

Alief has acquired world sales rights for Georden West's debut feature, Playland, a docu-fiction about Boston's Playand Cafe, the center of queer life in the city for 60 years.

Panic Fest 2023 Review: INVOKING YELL, Black Metal Blair Witch Invites You Into the Woods

Chilean writer/director Patricio Valladares returns with a new slice-of-life horror film.

PACIFICO Promo Teaser: LatAm Sci-Fi Thriller up For Pre-Sales at Cannes

A promo teaser for an upcoming Spanish language sci-fi thriller called Pacifico has been passed along to us. Produced in part by our friends at Filmsharks this will be one of the promos shown to prospective buyers at Marche du...

THE ANGRY BLACK GIRL AND HER MONSTER Official Trailer: Death Can Be Cured

Vicaria is a brilliant teenager who believes death is a disease that can be cured. After the brutal and sudden murder of her brother, she embarks on a dangerous journey to bring him back to life. Inspired by Mary Shelley’s...

SXSW 2023 Review: EVIL DEAD RISE, A Gloriously Blood Soaked New Direction For An Old Fave

Lee Cronin’s Evil Dead Rise confidently tackles the beloved franchise with new vigor and violence, opening up a world of possibilities for one of horror’s most cherished franchises. Much like Raimi’s third entry in the original series, Army of Darkness,...

Berlinale 2023 Review: GOLDA, Biopic Becomes War Drama

Helen Mirren and Liev Schreiber star; Guy Nattiv directed.

Berlinale 2023 Review: WHEN WILL IT BE AGAIN LIKE IT NEVER WAS BEFORE, A Family Saga on the Edge

Camile Loup Moltzen, Laura Tonke, Devid Streisow star in Sonja Heiss eccentric tragicomic family coming-of-age that defies normalcy.

BLACKBERRY Trailer: Jay Baruchel And Glenn Howerton Star in Matt Johnson's Latest

‘BlackBerry’ tells the story of Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie, the two men that charted the course of the spectacular rise and catastrophic demise of the world’s first smartphone.   Matt Johnson's BlackBerry is coming exclusively to theaters on May...

Berlinale 2023 Review: #MANHOLE, From Claustrophobic Horror to Social Satire

Nakajima Yuto stars in director Kazuyoshi Kumakiri's genre-bending psychological thriller.

Berlinale 2023 Review: IN WATER Dazzles

Shin Seokho, Kim Seungyun, and Ha Seongguk star in director Hong Sang-soo's latest contemplation on creativity and art.

ABERRANCE: Raven Banner Boards Worldwide Sales For Mongolian Horror Flick

Over the weekend Raven Banner announced that they have boarded worldwide sales for the Mongolian horror flick Aberrance. The announcement and studio trailer can be found below.   An estranged couple takes a retreat in the woods. Foreboding neighbors, frivolous...