Sorting Out the Syns: '80s Horror, '70s Sleaze, and Everything In-between with Roberta Findlay, Ted V. Mikels, and More

Vinegar Syndrome had another stellar year in 2017, marking nearly five years of madness on film with a raft of bizarre and fascinating releases from the '70s right on through 1990. This week we're looking at a trio of films from exploitation legend Roberta Findlay in A Woman's Torment, Prime Evil, and Lurkers, a classic from low-budget warrior Ted V. Mikels in The Corpse Grinders, a '70s exploitationer in Trip with the Teacher, and a pair of straight up nutso horror films in Blood Beat and Demon Wind

All six of these releases definitely deserve a spot in your collection, but click through the gallery below for more details.

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