THE PASSING Team Return With Welsh TV Crime Drama HIDDEN (CRAITH)

We have been big fans of the Welsh duo of director Gareth Bryn and writer-producer Ed Talfan around here for quite some time now. The pair of them are responsible for the arty, Welsh language ghost story The Passing and have also been key players in Welsh-English crime series Hinterland from BBC Wales - and available on Netflix - which Talfan co-created, produced and wrote large swathes of with Bryn a frequent director on the series. And the duo returns now with another Welsh crime series, Hidden (Craith).

Currently airing on S4C in the entirely Welsh language version with a Welsh-English hybrid coming soon to the BBC - the same strategy followed by Hinterland - Hidden is an eight episode continuous series following a single crime in the north of Wales. Talfan is again credited as a co-creator (with Mark Andrew) and producer with Bryn directing five of the eight episodes with Hinterland veteran Sian Reese-Williams in the lead.

The trailer for the series is out now courtesy of S4C and while they're broadcasting it in Welsh they have included English subtitles for the non Welsh speakers. And this thing looks absolutely fantastic. The Scandi-noir wave is an obvious influence though this has a flavor of its own. Take a look below.

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