MONSTER HUNT 2: Sequel To Smash Chinese Hit Promises More Of Everything

Animator turned live action director Raman Hui hit gold at th Chinese box office with his smash hit fantasy-comedy Monster Hunt and so it comes as no surprise that he's back with a second helping. And if the trailer is any indication it would appear he's following the first rule of sequels here, namely give the audience more of everything that they liked.

While the film again has a big name cast - Tony Leung and Eric Tsang are just a couple of the big faces in there - and gorgeous, period set production values the real stars here are clearly th roly poly monsters of the title. And there are LOTS of them in this first trailer.

Meant as family friendly mass entertainment the tone of these feels a little bit like a kinder, gentler Stephen Chow film and that's not at all a bad place to be. If the film holds up to this trailer it should be another crowd pleasing piece of popcorn entertainment and another huge hit. Check out the trailer - English subtitles included - below.

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