MATCH: Trailer For New Norwegian Comedy Offers Live Commentary On The 20-Something Life

Stian has voices in his head. Two of them, in fact. They're not malicious. Not directly, at least. They don't push him to do anything he doesn't want to. Again, not directly, at least. But they are simply always there, always offering up commentary on his every move. Literal commentary, in fact, as Stian's voices are a pair of omnipresent sports commentators.

A trailer has arrived for Norwegian TV comedy Match and it seems to offer a sort of riff on the mocking of the male ego and interior monologues that drove UK comedy Peep Show though the device used here is quite different with the voices taken out of the head in this case and completely externalized. Which is a smart move, I think, as it opens up some obviously funny visuals and, frankly, most twnety something men deserve to be ocked at a distance on a pretty frequent basis and this indulges that urge to the hilt.

No subtitles on this one, sadly, but the trailer is great fun regardless, check it out below!

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