South Africa Enters The Streaming TV Revolution With TALI'S WEDDING DIARY

The moving to streaming video services continues to have repurcussions around the globe and that shift is reaching South Africa now with upcoming comedy series Tali's Wedding Diary.

The first ever original series from African streaming service Showmax, Tali's Wedding Diary is notable on a few fronts. First, in an industry pretty perpetually squeezed for resources the production values here are notably high end. Given that South Africa's national broadcaster - the SABC - has been going through a very significant financial crisis, this is no small thing for the regional industry. Second, the show has its origins not in the established television community but within the world of YouTube, coming from the creative team behind hugely popular local web-series Suzelle DIY - a series notable itself for regularly racking up seven digit viewing figures while leaning hard into local accent and dialect and not at all catering to outside audiences. This is a team that has built and proved their audience from the ground up and that is now being recognized and rewarded on a much larger scale. And, finally, it just plain looks quite funny.

The story - as you've probably guessed - revolves around a wealthy, young South African woman preparing for her own wedding while navigating her social media obsession. And, yes, that's fairly low hanging fruit but they do it quite well - enough so that if the series maintains the quality of the trailer there could be pretty significant potential for international export here. Check it out below!

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